Play Therapy

Why Play Therapy?

Play therapy is an effective way of treating young children-especially up to age 7. Registered Play Therapists (RPT) are licensed professionals who have completed post-graduate approved training, supervision, and experience through the Association of Play Therapy. If they also have training in family systems (attachment), an RPT can give you personal parenting support for you and your child’s relationship. Some common problems that play therapy addresses are:

  • Behavioral Problems
  • Anxiety/Trauma
  • Aggression
  • ADHD
  • Social Adjustment Issues
  • Self-concept/Depressive issues
  • Parent-Child Relationship
  • Developmental Concerns
  • Academic Achievement Issues
  • Autism Affirming Support

Playful and purposeful counseling interventions help families connect in ways that promote growth and healing. Through play, children are able to work through what is troubling them. We are able to help children learn healthier and more adaptive behaviors. For a brief overview, please see the video below from the Association for Play Therapy (APT). See my Linktree on social media or contact page to find an RPT near you!